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Thread: blood queen dps

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    blood queen dps

    hey guys, our guild is progressing well though ICC 25, but we have been stuck on blood queen and getting by her is proving to be frustrating. my raid leader says the DPS is too low and has to be around 8 or 9k (unbitten) and like 12 to 14k when bit. my problem is i cant get much past 5.5-6k. what the hell am i doing wrong? and what should my dps be at? here is my warrior http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...&cn=Bigbadgoom . a lot of constructive critisim would be awsome! thx a lot all.

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    This should be in the Halp! forum section. Ideally for this fight, you need a bite rotation and absolutely MUST have the highest DPS/threat bitten first to maximize it. Can't check the armory right now, but really this fight is about the bite order/control to maximize the use of the effect.
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    yeah, the key is actually the bite rotation, not having dps die, saving bloodlust, and just paying attention, you don't have to put out 8-9k dps across the board to get the kill, but it doesn't mean you can slack either! Moved to HALP! forum.

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    You're over hit cap so if I were you I would swap your boot enchant to cat's swiftness or tuskarr's vitality. The faster run might help you get back to the boss after having to group up to clear the link ability.

    Also, you're so close to hardcapping armor pen I would swap out NES for Banner of Victory until you can get a Deathbringers Will. With NES when it procs you're only getting an extra 11% armor pen out of it.

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    What above poster said. You need to get rid of NES immedietly. Even mirror of truth is better with your current armor pen unless your willing to change all your armor pen gems to strength.

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    Im dont know how other people in your raid are doing but you need to chew thru 60 mio hp in around 4 and a half min of dps time (becouse of pull, beams, and fears droping your dps a lot). That gives 225k raid dps with 2 tanks and 5 healers, thats almost 12k average damage per person. Your dps when (if) you get bitten should be close to 10-12 k, no matter when bitten and with people bitten first close and passing 20k.

    As for your gear like people said already, loose NES, buy badge trinket, or farm normal toc 5 for banner.

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