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Thread: Death Knight lvl 80

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    Death Knight lvl 80

    Hey there

    I need some help, in things i should change etc.. Gems, spec..

    This is my armory: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sh...atol&cn=Frango

    I know my expertise is low, but i'm using an expertise potion so i don't have to stack expertise gems. I currently have 41k hp ub in forst presence, is that enough for icc 25 ?

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    You are plenty geared for ICC 25, even the harder-hitting stuff like Uncle Fester. My Paladin can tank that content fine, and my gear is slightly worse than yours. (Please nobody quote that sentence and whine about class mechanics, because there isn't much discrepancy between the tanking classes at higher levels of raiding)

    I'd definitely make some changes though:

    - Dodge is nice for heroics and stuff, but it is much weaker than Armor in ICC. Get Glyph of Indomitability to replace Ick's, it's not very hard to farm yet is much much stronger for a raiding tank.

    - Take the points out of Bloodworms (very little healing, contributes nothing to threat) and put them in Will of the Necropolis, which nowadays is a pretty strong mitigation talent. It's no Ardent Defender mind you, but still very much worth the 3 points.

    - Improved Death Grip is pretty useless for PvE. Take those points and fill out something useful, like Morbidity, Mark of Blood, or Hysteria (throw it on a Rogue who tricks's you :-P ).

    - IBF glyph is useless for PvE also, as you get that much damage reduction from your Defense skill. Get another threat glyph, like Death Strike or Death and Decay.

    - If you want to be a progression tank, you would be better served with the PvP shoulder enchant. For a serious tank, 30 stam outweighs the avoidance.

    - You're over the hit cap, so get rid of those hit gems, and get +18 stam or +240 armor to gloves.. If you're not having issues with sustained threat, you could probably get rid of those expertise ones too (and use Flask of Stoneblood). Try eating expertise food instead of fish feast if you need to, but I would be wary of how much EH you give up.

    - Level up that JC! It has a nice profession bonus for tanks (or anyone) and is a decent moneymaker if you decide to sell Dragon's Eyes every day, or is majorly convenient if you decide to use your tokens for patterns.

    - I also recommend Tuskarr's for any raiding tank (minus us Pallies, who can get +15% run speed from talents). The move speed is certainly worth giving up 7 stam.

    That's about it. Otherwise, your armory looks very nice.

    edit: Just occurred to me that most of my DK information is from prepatch, could someone else verify that this is how Bloodworms and the IBF glyph still operate? I believe that they have their own aggro table (at least that's how it still shows on Omen) and that you get 40% from Defense skill but I may be wrong here.
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    I've been playing with bloodworms for a few weeks (i can't stand death runes) and I think they average about 120hps, so not much at all. I'll likely spec out of them soon.

    Their biggest value is the amusement you get when a mob targets a 'random pet or player' for an ability, and simply takes out/fears a bloodworm.

    Edit: yes the IBF glyph is for pvp, you won't get any benefit if you are in uncrittable tank gear, 50% DR @ around 600 def.

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