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Thread: The essential Warlock Ui? Or at least suggestions.

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    The essential Warlock Ui? Or at least suggestions.

    I've played my alt to 80 and now I would love to start raiding. Sad thing is, I'm the lone newbie warlock among the pro's and would love some advice for raid frames. I'm most having issues in the Destro spec with my dot's falling off without much fanfare. I'd like not to have my screen too cluttered but coming off a healing class it seems to be the way things are.

    I appreciate any advice I can get from a seasoned player.

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    I am assuming you are talking about spell timers and not raid frames. Some of the ones I have tried and found to be useful Forte Xorcist, Auracle, Sexy Cooldown (create a spell timer bar) and Power Auras (to watch the target debuffs lists) should work well.
    Also check out this post: http://www.tankspot.com/showthread.p...-For-A-Mod!%29

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    There is a facesmasher addon for Detro Lock called Easy Destro it keeps your roataion but you do have to watch immoliate to count down before casting the refresh. It helps you get to rotation down also I use an addon that has the countdown timer on the buttons can't remember the name though.

    It tells you when to life tap and when to refresh your Curse (dependent on what curse you choose for that mob).

    When you go to affliction use "Button Timmers" addon name you can actually press the button to refresh vs having to watch one more thing.
    With affliction I use power auras as well. (watch YouTube to learn how to use if needed search affliction warlock)
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    That Countdown timer is called CooldownCount, I dont think its available on Curse anymore though.

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