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Thread: Geming/enchants

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    I just got new shoulders and a weapon. The shoulders I don't know if I should gem for 20 expertise. That will push me to 28 I am currently at 25.

    The weapon I was thinking bladewarding.

    Thank you for your help.

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    Shoulders 30 stam, weapon blood draining or mongoose.
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    The reason you're being told to stack Stam over the extra Expertise is because at this time, Expertise is really not that vital a stat, especially with many of the ICC Bosses not using parry-haste in theirmechanic.

    As far as your enchants go, there is really no BiS enchant that tanks just go and always enchant. I personally like to have different tanking weapons for different encounters/levels of content.

    Blood Draining = Effective Health & great vs your Progessive Content
    Blade Ward = for when you really need to block those physical hits coming in, like Festergut
    Mongoose = because it's damn cool...that and it's great for threat generation

    Good luck out there!

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    Blood Draining > All imo, basically it is the best EH option, even if it's not a ton, it's still a lot and a lot better than the other 2 options and I would argue more reliable too (even though it's not 100% reliable).
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    So should I then get rid of my +20 hit gem In my wrists for stamina?
    Keep my old tanking weapon for fights like festergut since it has bladewarding on it?
    Is the 4 piece set bonus worth getting?

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    +20 hit, ditch it for +30 stam. I'd also ditch that +20 exp with +30 stam and carry around the worksteak that add's EXP

    I can't think of a single reason to keep anything else than the current mace with BloodDrain on it. Long story short, the BW buff is a little to " will it maybe be on when I need it " as compared to the BD will be there when i'm low health.

    4 pc set, I'd say no. The 2 piece is ok, if you need to, glyph for taunt and remember to set vigilance before the fight.

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