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Thread: Tanking. Blood or Frost?

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    Tanking. Blood or Frost?

    So i've made a DK to tank and i want to know what the best spec to use is... Blood or Frost? (i dont even want to consider Unholy)


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    I use a frost spec to tank http://www.wowarmory.com/character-t...dtimmy&group=1 but im looking into blood specs but haven't found a good one to test out but thats that spec i use in frost

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    As of right now, Frost seems to be the most popular for tanking specs. I would honestly suggest playing as a Blood tank though for the shear fact it will become your new tank spec as of the expansion (which who knows when that'll be). Any spec can tank effectively though if played right. I personally like Frost right now, and have been since I started to tank at level 70. (leveled as frost and tanking instances)

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    Don't use that spec for frost, it's pretty fail. Skips some of the basic "must haves" to tank well, and honestly DW tanking is a flavor thing that won't work in ICC 25, you sacrifice too much survivability for flavor.

    Here is a pretty tried and true Frost tanking build. Frost It's built around crazy AOE threat, if you wipe in HHoR with this build it's your healer's fault.

    Honestly DK tanking is going to be a flavor thing. Some like blood, some like frost. I 2H tank in frost and also DW DPS in frost, it's my most comfortable tree, and I've been tanking in frost since DK's were released. I stayed 2 Handed instead of 2 weapon because 2 Weapon felt too squishy.

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