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Thread: Weapons as a Dwarf Paladin

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    Weapons as a Dwarf Paladin

    I play a prot paladin, female dwarf, and I've been gearing her up. I recently came into possession of two really good weapons from TOGC10.

    Crusader's Glory and Honor of the Fallen

    Clearly the difference between these is the armor and the avoidance, but I have the interesting feature of being a dwarf and getting 5 expertise from Honor of the Fallen.

    http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...don&cn=Ruchlos is my armory.

    The amount of physical reduction I get is about .4%, while the avoidance I gain is about .5%.
    I also have a lot of expertise, and it would go from 37 to 34 with an upgrade and this mace, or 29 without the mace.

    I guess what I'm asking is; is the threat/avoidance at the cost of the armor enough to push the mace over the edge of being a sidegrade to an upgrade?

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    http://www.wowhead.com/item=47967 has armor and the same stamina values. I'd go with that.
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    Use them both! I would enchant the mace with Mongoose and use it for threat (at least, a reasonable amount of threat - use it on fights where threat is an issue but giving up the survival stats for a slow DPS weapon is inappropriate), and then use the sword with Blood Draining for max EH/survival.

    So basically, mace for when you can't get reliable Tricks/MD, and sword when you can.

    edit: Okay, just looked at your armory and I'm going to point out some things you should change.

    - Because of the way our Judgements work (giving the enchant a higher uptime than for a Warrior), and because we get more dodge from Agility than Warriors do, Paladins should always use Mongoose over Blade Ward.

    - Your spec needs Vindication, that 574 AP debuff adds up to a lot of physical damage reduction. It's about as strong as a fully buffed Demo Shout/Roar from a Bear or Warr (I think it's 1 AP less) and has a damn near 100% uptime. I'd also take some points out of Conviction for Crusade - 1% damage is stronger than 1% crit in general, but because almost everything in ToC/ToGC and ICC meets the criteria for the full effect, Crusade is more like 2% damage per point.

    - Aside from the enchants on your weapon and shield (+18 stam all the way), gear looks good. I think that at your gear level the Armsman enchant is largely unnecessary, but that's optional (I'm a +240 armor man myself). I'm jealous of your weapon choices, I'm using Bonebreaker Scepter (N). WTB a gem slot!
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    Thanks for the advice. Almost all of that stuff is due to me not playing this paladin for over a year, and that shield enchant was put on when I needed the defense. Mongoose vs. Blade Ward for me was the ease of the mats, as well as armsman vs. 240 armor (although I should've got 18 stamina as it's cheaper than armsman and slightly better). But it's all nice to have it made clear for when I decide to get off my butt and just get it changed.

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