I can't imagine this isn't a common question, but i don't see any definitive answers. My question is, I have 2p T10, and decided to buy the 264 Gatecrasher Gauntlets instead of the 251 T10 gloves. Yesterday, I got the T10 gloves from Toravon in VoA, so I am thinking that maybe i should get the set, since some places say that the 4p T10 is the way to go, but the 264 non-set gloves and chest have much better stats then the set. The 4p set for DPS DK's is a 3% damage increase for 15sec when runes are on cooldown, so i dont believe that will outweigh the additional constant damage the better stats on the 264 gear would seem to provide. I realize that the sanctified gear is BIS, but until I get the emblems, I believe the 264 gear is better? Or am I missing something?

Am I making any sense?