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Thread: Fury warrior with a fine gear but really low dps :(

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    Fury warrior with a fine gear but really low dps :(

    Alright...I am new to this tankspot forum..Hence please ignore the mistakes i do ......
    Well...lately as i have started doin icc 25....i have been doin rather a mediocre dps or wud say less then the modarate...although my dps is fine on trash but during boss fight it gets significantly low...and the folks in my group with a much moderate gear do more dps then me...i do somewher around 4.5k dps or less as compared to other peeps who touch arnd 6-8k easily on the boss....my dps takes a bad hit when i do damage on a single target....although my hit is way over capped then usual (597 hit ) but as said in one of the forums that hit being high isnt a main concern...but my concern is why am i doin such low dps on single target...i hav also followed the rotation said in tankspot i.e. WW -> BS -> Slam if Proc ->BS ...n repeat the same...i also spam heroics wen rage is more then 50......so here the link to my toon in armory ---- http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...cn=Warriorarif
    so cud any1 please tell me what i shud work on now to improve my dps and what i shud get gemmed
    ...any help and suggestion will be highly appreciated....thanx in advance.....

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    having close to 600 hit is really gimping your other stats. drop your hit trinket asap, pick up whispering fanged skull or a nobles deck. replace your frost badge belt with the leather frost badge belt, the stats are much better. purchase the agi conquest badge neck to replace your current one. use the t10 helm and chest along with your shoulders and legs for 4 pc t10 and get rid of the t10 gloves.

    fury is about balancing your stats, and having most of your item budget spent on hit, your other stats like arp, crit, and ap will will be too low for your overall gear.

    replace your meta (you dont even have 2 blue gems in your gear to activate it) with the relentless earthsiege meta which only needs a nightmare tear to activate it. put it in a blue socket where you will pick up the most +str socket bonus. grind out sons of hodir rep which is very easy to do these days and stop using the pvp shoulder chant. putting in str/crit gems in yellow sockets that will give you a +str bonus will net a higher dps increase than socketing full arp or str. also, change your boot enchant to tuskarr's (run speed/stam) or the bc enchant (run speed/agi). this nets a higher dps increase on movement heavy fights in icc like putricide, lady d, marrowgar, princes, etc.

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    Thanks a lot Destruyen....well as u said i hav regemmed my helm and changed my neck...and also instead of the hit trinket i hav changed to banner of victory which give 84 armpen...and it has started to show some improvement in my dps....and which enchant wer u talkin abt on boots which give agi / movement speed?

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    Cat's Swiftness is the enchant.
    Also the agility ring is better for fury.
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