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Thread: Protection warrior general questions.

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    Protection warrior general questions.

    I've browsed through several threads and learned quite a few things however there are some other things im am still unsure of. I was looking at several postings and it looks like most prot specs have more shield block than any other avoidance stance ie: parry dodge.
    I ran the macro for the unhittable equation as well. it says :
    102.4% you have 72.14%
    My avoidance/mitigation stats are as follows:
    Health: 34377
    Armor: 25383
    Defense: 556
    Dodge: 26.80%
    Parry: 19.45%
    Block: 16.24%
    Resilience: 0

    My character is here at wow armory for my gear: http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...l&cn=Yaderelue

    I guess what im asking is this normal for where I'm at? What should I start to do to improve or where rather.
    Also it would be appreciated if someone could inspect that am I gemming correctly/enchanting, Can i do better? I know some things come down to "well it depends on what scenario" and i imagine i can figure that out mostly especially with further research on here. But honestly any information/hints/ideas will be muchly appreciated. Thank you in advance i look forward to hearing from everyone.

    P.S. Glad I found this place! thanks tankspot.com

    Other info: I'm currently trying Cleave Spec for holding aggro (working well with cleave glyph and the new revenge update.)

    oh and i thought i didn't see this posted enough """" UNHITTABLE MACRO"
    /run ChatFrame1:AddMessage(format("Unhittable at 102.4%% - you have %.2f%%", GetDodgeChance() + GetBlockChance() + GetParryChance() + 5 + 1/(0.0625 + 0.956/(GetCombatRating(CR_DEFENSE_SKILL)/4.91850*0.04))))

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    There is something so appealing about backhanding someone across the face with a shield.

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    Great I actually read through that already, however I'll read it slower this time, But based on my gear/gems/enchants I feel is the best I can do, except for getting a trinket from reg TOC and that evasive splinter of the citadel shield (name), and 1 more trinket from badge vendor. After that I'm at a loss, assuming I have good heals, and half decent DPS, what would be the best place to start for upgrades ? I tried ToC but I died rather quickly when tanking the first boss.

    oh btw, I was trying to look at the deep wounds tank spec but the link was broken, Anyone have some good rotations with Cleave spec as well or another spec they would be willing to share?

    Also my cloak enchant ( I don't think Bodasafa actually looked) I should probably change that to the armor enchant right?

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    Yes, you want to put an armor enchant on your cloak. http://www.wowarmory.com/talent-calc...12521330113321 is a standard deep wounds tanking spec. There is not really a cleave spec per say, if you're in heroics and there are a lot of mobs around, cleave, thunderclap and shockwave when you can. At this point there are no really easy upgrades except for the ones you listed above. Get some trophies from toc 25, run daily heroics for frost badges. The BS crafted boots and pants from ICC are very nice but will be an expensive upgrade.

    Generally you do not want to gem for hit and a defense/stam would be better in your helm since you have plenty of hit from gear already. Same with your pants, gem 30 stam instead of the str/stam. You also do not want to socket any gems that are not hybrid. Replace the bracer expertise gem with a 30 stam. If you want more expertise gem with hybrid expertise/stam in red sockets to pick up stam bonuses. Although staying at or even just below 26 expertise is not required (These are fighting words!). Don't get me wrong, hit and expertise are important and help but your tanking rotation is more important and will help more with threat then being hit and dodge capped.

    The socket bonuses are not that great on anything but your helm. Get the 30stam/15 res pvp enchant for your shoulders. You want to maximize stam and armor whereever you can.

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    kaydubbleu has very nicely listed everything you should do so i'll touch upon the stuff that you should focus on in general.

    The Unhittable macro is nice but it's only important for a very specific gimmick fight. It used to be that achieving unhittable status was possible & feasible and doing that would reduce your damage intake considerably. It has however become almost impossible and pursuing that goal now has an extremely high cost in survivability so unless you're doing that gimmick fight (tanking the adds on heroic Anub'arak 25man) gearing for unhittable is a really REALLY bad idea.

    Your avoidance stats look good. I've had more but i've also had less. Generally while gearing i try not to drop below 25% dodge and 18% parry (emphasis on "try", i dont sweat it much if i do) as a "minimum avoidance that i'd like to have" (again, emphasis on "i'd like to have", it's not mandatory) and i pretty much dont care about the block. However, i actively and relentlessly seek more stam & armor all the time as these contribute to Effective Health.

    On inspecting your gear, i see that you went for the 4pc tier bonus. While it's nice, you're forgoing a lot of better EH gear just to get that 4pc bonus and i think that's a bad idea. For example the nonset ilvl 245 shoulders would net you a major increase in effective health compared to the ilvl 232 shoulders you have now. Same thing with the blacksmithing crafted chest vs the tier chest you have now.

    Defense: 540 def (ie 689 def rating) is the minimum you should attain yes. After that, it's ok to stack more of it BUT never at the cost of effective health. (Stam + Armor) > (Def + Dodge + Parry + Block). Now looking at your shield, i'd strongly suggest you go after the shield that drops from normal more Halls of Reflection since it's better EH. However, with changing the shield, the shoulder and cloak enchants you may end up running below 540 def so watch out for that.

    I see you're gemming for reaching the hit & expertise cap - you dont need to. Those are threat stats that you can overcome the lack of through better use of your abilities. Meeting those caps is a job for the dps, not for tanks. You need to be concentrating on survival first, which means stam in those hit/exp sockets. If you're REALLY worried about missing your taunts, go for the taunt glyph - the block glyph would be the prime candidate to drop btw.

    Regarding spec, you're at the level where further progress would come from raids. The deep wounds spec linked above would suit that job better and you might want to revisit your glyphs too. Your glyphs concentrate on threat now and you might want to start preferring survival glyphs instead (shield wall, last stand). Glyphs are more of a personal tuning choice imo so i'll leave those to you. But the glyph of block is pretty useless nowadays.

    As for block, my approach is enjoy if it's there, /care if it's not. I think that quote somebody had in his sig back sometime puts it correctly:
    Think of block rating as being the chance you can hold a Phonebook between you and a guy who has a High Powered rifle pointed at you. Interposing the Yellow pages can't hurt but it sure doesn't help a lot.

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