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Thread: how can i achieve armor pen cap

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    how can i achieve armor pen cap

    I am wondering, I have been told that for me to stay blood i need to have more armor pen. Last night i managed to pull 7.1k on rot face and 7.7k on saurfang in ICC 25. Now i had replaced 5 of my strength gems with armor pen gems prior to going in there. My ap prior to the change was 6240 now it is 5912. My question is this. I know i do not have enough gear out of ICC with armor pen on it to make it to the Armp cap, but just how many of those strength gems can i change out before i start to see a fall in my dps because i have changed out to many of my strength gems for Armpen? Could someone enlighten me, if i do go unholy will i be able to pull as much or more dps with the gear i have, and do i go reaping or no reaping? Thank you for you help I sincerely appreciate it.


    Armory: http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Korgath&cn=Latormenta
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    Can anyone weigh in on this subject please, I know there is someone out there who knows the answer to my question...thank you

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    I dont undestand your question, you achieve ArP cap by selecting gear with ArP and gemming for it. So when the gear with ArP drops you attempt to acquire it, you get the Tier pieces based on how big an upgrade they are over current gear, and if you can afford it you create the crafted legs.

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    There is his Armory. For the record giving us that link to start with is quite a bit better than me needing to go look for it.

    so far you can only gain 160 more armor pen assuming the pot and arp food, you can see with the gear you are wearing around 440 ArP which i think may be a neutral DPS swap. ( speculating dont have a spreadsheet infront of me)

    Reccomendations if you are attmepting to ArP hard cap.
    BoV, you want ArP in nearly every slot and it's proc is only a few dps loss over your whispered skull fang

    frost cape, it beats what your wearing has a slot and Armor pen pick one up

    To swap for your deaths verdict, you appear to be clearing higherlevel content so this is a drop you are going to want to push for.

    New Weapon
    Arp passivly no meh proc and two sockets for extra ArP

    Grab those and you will be at or near ArP cap, i dont know that bonuses for a DK to do it but thats my $0.02 hope it helps

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    Thank you Tiny i appreciate the response, the question i am asking for those who dont understand it is this......" I have replaced five of my strength gems with armor pen, and it dropped my attack power from 6240 to 5912'ish, how many more strength gems can i drop for armor pen and still be able to do the dps i am now or more dps with the higher Arp. The DK's main stat is strength and i know there has to be a happy median i can reach to where i dont have to little Arp and to much strength and conversly to little srtength and to much Arp?

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    It's sometimes hard to show someone how to get ArP cap, so here's my armory:

    I am ArP capped with Hearty Rhino (+40 ArP). Warriors have a bit easier time of it, as we get two weapon slots (and both of mine have ArP, whereas Bryntroll has none). From what I can tell, you have a good bit of excess Hit (I believe Blood DKs use the same hitcap as other 2H melee, that being 8% or 264. If I'm wrong, someone correct me.) and Expertise (I think it should be around 26). Pieces that jump out at me as good candidates for upgrades/swaps: Cloak (Recovered Scarlet Onslaught Cape from Frost Emblems), Gloves (Gatecrasher's Gauntlets), Belt (Vengeful Noose, not sure if this is good for DKs, but I know it's great for Pallies and Warriors, and I'm fairly sure DKs get more out of ArP than Paladins), and legs (Leggings of Painful Death, as you're well over Expertise cap you may want to consider getting these for more ArP), ring (Dexterous Brightstone Ring is an easy upgrade with some good ArP, again I'm not sure how good agility items are, but if I'm right in believing that you are wasting the hit on Bloodshed Band, it should be a good upgrade). I'm not suggesting you make all these changes, your T10 Gloves and Pants are good pieces, but these are all possible options if you want to increase your ArP. Getting Titanium Spikeguards crafted could be good if you need to lower your Hit rating.

    Recovered Scarlet Onslaught Cape may be the biggest upgrade, but after that try to work on getting rid of your excess Hit and Expertise.

    As for your attack power, obviously it will be lower if you itemize for ArP than it would be if you itemized for Strength. The point of ArP gearing is that at a certain point, ArP is more beneficial for DPS than Strength is (point for point). Once you get there, ArP will always be better than an equal amount of Strength until you hit the cap. Normally people start with an ArP proc trinket like Needle-Encrusted Scorpion, and gem their gear to get to 100% when it procs (about 722 passive ArP rating), then once they upgrade more gear and get more ArP, they replace NES with another trinket and go all out ArP to try to hit the cap (1399). I'm not sure if NEs would be an upgrade for you over either of your trinkets, but it might be. If you don't get it, I'm not sure that gemming ArP is the best thing for you now, you would probably be better off sticking with Strength for the time being.

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    ArP Swapping shouldn't be done till you can go about 65%(debatable-ish) I am recommending that you farm all the gear. I am no Dk Dps so my math is adjusted from my little understanding of Death knights and my fury warrior failness.

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