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Thread: Advice for my DK Tank Please

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    Advice for my DK Tank Please

    Just looking for advice for my tank, anything to help me get along a little better. I also have enough for another t10 piece but didn't know which i should get, and which drops from ICC i should be looking for.... Thanks for the help =D

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    Not much to be said about your gear I think. The only thing I can think of is that when gemming purple, use dodge/stam instead of parry/stam since it would give you a small advantage. I'm not sure where exactly the point is where parry becomes better but I dont think you are there. In the end, the difference these days is very small. Also gemming hit is generally not needed since threat is a non issue in almost every fight. In specific fights where taunts are important you might consider re-glyphing and swapping out some pieces instead of wearing gear with hit gems all the time. Since this has been debated a bit lately here I will say its very much a personal preference how much hit rating one is happy with.

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