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Thread: Rep Tanking ring vs 277 Juggernaut Band

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    Rep Tanking ring vs 277 Juggernaut Band

    I have been contemplating on the rep tanking ring vs the Juggernaut band for the last couple of weeks. I just got the first 277 juggernaut's band and replaced my rep ring with it.

    I looked at previous parses and I noticed that the ring procced very rarely at most twice per fight and averaging once...(didnt even proc once on our last festergut kill)

    on the other hand the DPS rep ring allowed me to reach the hit cap with ease and actually has a decent uptime per fight. (I'm the tank that offspecs in our raids on a couple of boss fights..my DPS gear is on-par with my tank set up apart from the 277 pieces though I have the LK normal wep)

    I figured the 277 Juggy's band was well worth the switch granted it gave me a better overall DPS set up and all.

    what is your thoughts on this subject? from a pure tank stand point(given that you dont have to worry about dpsing) is the rep ring really worth the loss in some stamina(6 or 7 i cant recall) and quite a bit of str and some avoidance for Hit (as ICC tank Hit is dime a dozen..unless you are a paladin/DK needing spell hit cap..or trying to cap taunts or something) and a non-existence/albeit low armor proc?

    This is my armory
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    You can ignore the armor procc, last time I had that ring it procced 20 times in a 4 hour raid. The strength on jugg 277 will out-threat the hit rating (which is only really mandatory if you need to cap taunts (160 hit rating) for saurfang).

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    277 val ring + 245 ony ring(togc10 ring if u dont have ony) is the best set up. Use rep ring if you need hit.

    Almost all tank set ups maximizing EH will prefer the hit rating from the ring anyway, taunt requires 14% hit, which is about 330ish (11ish melee hit, 14 spell). I would sacrifice hit and use the ony ring on dangerous fights, but I would rather keep the hit than gain 10stam/avoidance from juggy band since the dangerous fights also happen to require plenty of taunting.
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