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Thread: Fury warrior please look just because ilvl 264 is it better?

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    Fury warrior please look just because ilvl 264 is it better?

    Ok guys im working on armor pen hard cap. With my old ring Gormok's band heroic i was at 74%. I got this new ring with the crit and expertise now landsouls told me it was an upgrade by quite a bit. I also have Landsoul's horned greathelm equipped but i think my ony 25 helm with the arp is better for me. Is the str difference in the pieces the reason for the increase in dps or the crit?? Ive got extra hit but i really dont like to go under 200 hit just my preference.

    Just tell me what ya think. I dont have access to later bosses in ICC 25 right now as the guild is rebuilding.

    Also on losing my two piece t9 would the crafted legs be a big upgrade or just wait and get t10 legs?


    Oh btw in 25 man I can do 7k+ dps.
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    I'm not an expert, but right now WoW-Heros has your fury spec at 918/1400 (does that include the 6% bonus for the T9 set bonus? If not, that would take you up to ~972) for the passive hard cap. I think you're in better shape going for the proc'd softcap with NES.

    Gemming - you're leaving a lot of ArP on the table. You have 5 yellows and 1 red that have 0 ArP, that's 120 ArP right there, which would get you closer, to 1038/1400, but still far enough away that you may not have the gear.

    I see you tried to hit some +ArP item bonuses, but in the process gave up more ArP than the bonus gives you (belt is an example).

    From what I've read and understand, you're too far from the passive cap to be worrying about gemming right now. It looks like you started Gemming ArP too early and didn't have the rest of the gear to make the switch.

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    @Logan: 6% Arp bonus from T9 2pc only comes from battle stance and hence is an Arms bonus.

    @OP: I wud personally stick to 2pc t9 till you get 4 pc t10.

    IMO this is the helm you should be using (assuming its the easiest to get) Faceplate of Thunderous Rampage. This should keep your hit around 200 and give you 6% more ArP.

    The increase in DPS is most likely from you off hand being expertise capped plus more str. I personally would stick to gormok band heroic as ArP should have more SEP at this point for you. I would say experiment with both rings and see if off hand being at lower expertise is hurting you a lot or not.

    You should also get berserking on offhand as well.

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    Play with the the sheet more. Landsoul's breaks down the effectiveness of every stat and item for you. I'm assuming you haven't read the first tab because if you did you wouldn't be asking this.

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    Oh i play with landsoul's every day and have read it. I just was wanting another opinion tbh.

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