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Thread: Hardmodes (10 Man) - Where to start ?

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    Hardmodes (10 Man) - Where to start ?

    Need some advise on where to being hardmodes in 10 mans. Been reading guides on tankspot ect but i havnt come across any rank on how hard they are or where people start so if anyone could share some insights that would be most welcome
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    Gunship (you'll barely notice the difference) -> Marrowgar (3 healers) -> Lana'thel -> Deathwhisper -> Saurfang -> Rotface -> Festergut -> Valithria -> Blood Prince Council -> Sindragosa -> Professor Putricide -> Lich King

    Gunship you'll be hard pressed to notice any difference really from normal mode than heroic which means in terms of difficulty its a no-brainer to be first. Marrowgar isn't too bad with 3 healers, if you can get a 4th healer its a faceroll. Just takes longer with the more healers you can bring or get people to offspec for. Deathwhisper is not much more complicated than normal mode. Just a case of timing the transition to P2 and people avoiding damage from ghosts and proper CC. Saurfang continues to pretty much be a DPS rush before you get more marks than your healers can cope with. With the exception of the adds needing nuked quicker and some slows, its pretty much the same fight but more damage on the tanks and the marks.

    Rotface just has vile gas added to it so providing people are spread out it won't really affect the encounter and its pretty much the same thing - the ooze pools do apply a slow effect so there is less kiting room for the tanks. Festergut just hits harder and there is malleable goo to contend with. Prof putricide is probably the most demanding encounter (outside of LK heroic) in terms of DPS, healing and organisation and transferring the disease. There are loads of methods out there for handling the disease, work out which is best for you.

    Valithria is basically the same encounter but the healing output needed is higher and control of the adds needs to just be good. Sindragosa is probably second hardest encounter as a result of the extra mechanic placed on your casters and healers. Its a lot more movement needed during P3 for many people which means its probably more challenging than most of the others. You'll barely notice the issue until Phase 3.

    Blood Prince Council is made tricky with the fact that you'll probably need 3 healers, 2 tanks and 1 of your DPS acting as a tank. You'll need 2 ranged to focus on Kinetic Bombs which can spawn anywhere and drop fast so need a lot more attention. Basically means that the majority of your damage is going to come from 2 dps only which means that the fight lasts a lot longer. Lana'thel is basically the same fight as normal with the second air phase needing a bit more healing on it is all but providing people are spread its exactly the same.

    Thats certainly how I thought the difficulty scaling of the encounters worked.

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    put hardmode's actually easier than normal mode for a 10man run. Sindragosa on the other hand is pretty tough, though with 10% buff you can probably have the whole raid with 350 FR and beat enrage.

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    Gunship - By far the easiest
    Rotface - Pretty easy if you have good DPS.
    Blood-Queen Lana'thel - Again, a pretty easy one as long as your DPS is on top of the enrage timer.
    Marrowgar - It can be rough without 3 healers. Disc priest helps a lot. Took us some practice.
    Deathwhisperer - Pretty easy one with 2 tanks. DPS requirement is pretty relaxed. Don't get hit by ghosts, but there's only 1 ghost, so not bad.
    Blood Prince Council - Requires some good ranged DPS. Shock bombs are the hardest part. If you have pet classes, it's a pretty easy hardmode. It's a very LONG fight, so be ready.
    Festergut - Very real enrage timer (hardest one in the zone). Hits very hard. Malleable Goo can be tough for melee/healers at first.
    Dreamwalker - Two healers absolutely cannot let stacks fall. Can be rough on tank healing for the healer who's outside. Try to get mana cooldowns to the outside healer.
    Putricide - Disease requires a lot of practice. Having a soulstone and/or battle-rezes help a lot. Once you get the disease down, it's just surviving the two transition phases.
    Sindragosa - Tank damage is very real. Raid damage can be brutal. The fight feels very RNG in phase 3. If a healer gets ice tombed, another healer will have unchained magic, leaving 1 healer to heal the raid AND tanks through a high damage. Wear a piece of frost resist gear to help a lot.

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    Marrowgar, LOLShip, Rotface, B.P. Council, B.Q.L...

    Those should be doable for any group that can take down the normal LK. The others can vary pretty significantly in difficulty depending on your raid comp.
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    The first 3 encounters are not so bad last night we tried our hand at our first heroic icc and we one shotted everything up to Saurfang, as long as you have a decent group that can think for them self's the first 3 are simple enough Saurfang though I can tell is going to cause us problems.

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    We went 9/12 with only 1 wipe on Marrowgar and Deathwhisper. Putricide/Sindragosa are challenging.

    Festergut, Sarufang, Bloodqueen are all simply DPS checks with almost no difference in Sarufang/Bloodqueen besides damage being done.
    If you are having issues with Sarufang, Improving DPS makes everything easier... In fact going from 3 to 2 healers makes a world of difference (we accidentally did it with 3 this week and it was impossible).
    Rotface/Council are very easy with very little changed.
    The only reason we wiped on Deathwhisper is because we didn't realize threat from P1 carried over into P2... whoops.
    Marrowgar is pretty easy if you do it with 3 healers.
    Gunship doesn't even seem like its changed.
    Dreamwalker is pretty straight forward... just don't let your DPS pull aggro, and try and prehot/shield your healers who take the portals.

    So be prepared to spend a lot of time on Putricide and Sindragosa... If your DPS is low, you might have issues with Festergut/Sarufang/BQL.

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    My guild killed Marrowgar, Deathwhisper, Gunship, Rotface, and Valithria on our first attempts at each. Festergut and Saurfang took us a while, but with the 15% buff now, they should be a lot easier because you won't have to worry about getting a third Mark or about Fest's enrage timer. BQL is pretty easy but it may take a few tries to live through the 2nd air phase (try to time bites so that you're not biting people while getting bombed). Blood Princes is still hard for us, took us 5 tries last night even with the extra buff. Haven't tried Putricide, Sindragosa, or LK yet so I can't say anything about them, but I'd say the order I talk about them above is pretty much the difficulty from easiest to hardest.

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