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Thread: Resto druid, what should i do?

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    Resto druid, what should i do?

    I'm currently using the T9 4pc with Mask of Abundant Growth and I just picked up a Deathwhisper Raiment.

    What should I do? If I replaced my head with a T9 helm I'll be losing a tonne of haste, and I'm already miles away from the haste cap as it is, but the chest does seem to be rather yummy.



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    I'd replace the helm last.
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    I can't give an exact answer but my guess is that the 4pc bonus will outweigh the benefit of the higher item level piece. The haste cap is a tricky thing to balance around and I've passed up a lot of higher item level crit pieces in ICC 25 because I was holding out for the pieces I needed. You will have to decide when to make the transition from 4pc T9 to ICC gear. I used Rawr to help me put together potential gear sets to get an idea on how much haste I would have.

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