Hey all,

I've lurked these forums for many months, but haven't had much need/desire to post until recently. Due to some recent guild politic changes I've been gearing up my arms off spec, as my tank spec is only needed for a few select fights in ICC. I've chosen arms because we have a strong fury already, and an arms warrior can provide a few buffs/debuffs passively.

I've done a large amount of research on my class and spec before I've come to you, the internets, for advice and critique. I'm happy with my current spec and output (around 9.5k on festergut/saurfang) but I always want to do more.

Before you look, I'm currently collecting mats for changing Mining to BS (low pop server so mats are expensive/non-existant) and I carry a few stacks of Hearty Rhino for +40 Arp, instead of eating the fish feasts. I'm also actively looking for Cat's Swiftness for my boots, and a +6 stats gem for my pants (again low pop server means that stuff is harder to find).


Any and all advice is welcome.

Thanks in advance.