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Thread: Warlock. best trinkets?

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    Warlock. best trinkets?

    Hey guys just wandering if anybody can help me with what are the current best in slot trinkets for warlock (maybe a top 6 if possible), as i have seen some 213 trinks with better procs then 251 trinkets, i dont mind losing gs if it means getting better trink plus better proc.
    any help appreciated
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    I'd imagine 277 dislodged object and 277 phylactery.

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    Don't overlook the 258 versions Reign of the Dead or Reign of the Unliving. You'd have to run the numbers but the optimal combination will likely be a combination of:

    Phylactery of the Nameless Lich
    Dislodged Foreign Object
    Reign of the Dead or Reign of the Unliving

    It's difficult to measure since the procing effect of the ToGC trinket can be worth around 350-450 DPS itself.
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