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Thread: Orelle UI, Some Help?

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    Orelle UI, Some Help?

    One thing i was curious on was a particular adon (power auras) to work and maybe general suggestions to clean up and basically make my Interface better for healing DPSING ETC here is my current set up this is a screen of me before a ICC 10

    There are certain things i like to see my interface do maybe be more clear... a bit and more organized to know when my beacon is about to run out on X-player

    Current adons i use
    Deadly boss Mods
    Xperl (This has been messing up on me lately)
    MIK Scrolling Combat Text
    pally power
    Altas Loot Fu

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    I started to ask you about your aura buttons in Shoutbox earlier but I had to run off as my Heroic popped up. Sorry bout that.

    You can make your Aura buttons smaller, for some unknown reason the default bartender settings have them huge. Type /bt to open the options, look for stance bar on the left hand side and then look for the slider that controls 'scale'. If you set that to 1 they should return to 'normal' size.

    You seem to play on quite a small screen, I'd maybe say you could spread your action buttons further accross the width of the screen, so rather than having 3 rows of 10, have 2 rows of 15 or something similar. That way your buttons aren't obscuring your view of the game so much. You can hide Recount when you don't need to see it - no, you do not need to see it mid-fight.

    Having both raid and party frames showing at the same time is pretty redundant. Most Unitframe addons have options to hide party when in raid. If you aren't happy with X-pearl, look up Pitbull or Shadowed unitframes on Wowinterface. They are both extremely customizable in terms of looks and functionality, i suggest spending some time thinking about how best to have them set up.

    Last but not least, investigate some raid frames like Grid, Healbot or Vuhdoh. You may find them a more functional way of displaying your raid than the default X-pearl frames. Then again you might not, s'up to you.

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