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Thread: Nostromo Raid HUD

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    Nostromo Raid HUD

    EDIT: anyone know how to make embedded images automatically resize smaller? Don't see an option for that...

    A tank/dps UI compilation with three objectives:

    1. Center crucial information on the screen, rather than have it arranged around the periphery as in the default UI.

    2. Mirror the layout of the Nostromo N52 and N52te gamepads.

    3. Lowest possible FPS and load-time impact while meeting #1 and #2.

    Details & Download

    5man tank screenshot
    5man tank annotated screenshot
    25man OT screenshot
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    wut macros are u using for tanking? just an inquiry

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    Short answer:

    #showtooltip [mod:alt,@focustarget] Dark Command;[mod:Shift] Blood Strike;[nomod] Death Strike
    /use [nomod] Blood Fury
    /use Rune Strike
    /use [mod:alt,@focustarget] Dark Command;[mod:Shift] Blood Strike;[nomod] Death Strike
    Long answer.

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    For anyone with the N52 This is a GREAT UI. Thank you for your effort.
    Just make sure to go in and customize the macros for you.

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