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Thread: Arms Warrior needing major dps improvement

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    Arms Warrior needing major dps improvement

    I know my gear is in major shambles. I'm doing 1-1.5k dps. I really just have no idea what to do about it at all. I know I made some major mistakes gearing my warrior and I'm not sure what to do about changing it.
    Any help at all is welcome.

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    What are you trying to do? You seem to have a PvE spec in PvP gear.... I'm going to assume you want PvE help and go from there.

    Start by reading the Arms warrior guide on this forum. It will help you realize a few of your obvious mistakes. (Wrong meta, wrong gemming strategy, wrong professions, a few misspent talents) Otherwise, you really just need to gear yourself up. Run the daily for frosts and then keep going for triumphs. Make sure you do HHoL every day for a chance at that axe, which will hold you over to HToC5 drops an axe, which will hold you until you can get into PoS for a shot at the beheader which is your BiS until/if you start raiding.

    If you honestly have no idea where to go with your warrior now, you really need to read the guides available here and elsewhere. Throwing up a hail mary in a help forum isn't the best way to understand your class.

    P.S. One immediate thing that I can offer, drop axe spec for sword spec since you're using a sword.... Axes are best for arms but those points are wasted unless you have one. Also, ditch that point in unbridled wrath and use it to max out swords. That skill is just miserable for any spec.

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    If I can be retarded enough to ask but what makes my gear pvp gear?

    I did though go and actually read the guides. Though I didn't see mention of professions. I do prefer axes but the sword dropped and helped my damage out a ton. I really wanted a point in improved execute so I just moved that point into improved demoralizing shout which I hope wasn't a stupid move. I also went and changed my glyphs to rending,charge,bloodrage, battle, execution, and mortal strike.

    Thanks for the suggestions though and yes I probably should have been looking around more before I sent out a hail mary though I have googled guides on warrior dps but I found mostly fury dps guides though I'm definatly in search of another good arms guides( besides the ones in the dps forum of course)
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    There's Resiliance on your gear, and that makes it PvP gear, since that's one of the only thing it's good for.

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    4/5 in axe spec and one random point in unbridled wrath. you will get more rage per minute filling out axe spec to 5/5 than you would get with one point in uw.

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    Thank you guys
    I have now revamped my toon a bunch. Now I can at least keep 1.6K dps on the practice dummy. I also switched a ton of gear out I haven't completely nixed the resiliance but it's almost gone. I'm also running stuff like crazy trying to get a new axe.
    Hopefully I'll be able to actually keep my own when I run stuff without having to be watched.

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    I have a couple of suggestions, Alecea...

    You still need to change your spec, from axe to sword, while you have it...(in case you forgot)..
    Do you have a belt buckle and strength gem, for your waist piece? Don't skimp on gemming, with the thought of changing out armor pieces, soon. It could be soon, or might not be, but you're missing out on improving your dps, until then, anyway...gold shouldn't be that much of an issue, if you're running even just a few dailies, at this level...

    Also, you can improve your chances on getting a better weapon, if you start running Argent Tournament dailies, and getting faction rep, while earning gold. There's some decent weapons, once you get enough of the faction badges, too. Don't limit yourself to just one way of getting gear...you can be doing these dailies, while waiting for dungeon finder...

    And, in pvp, you can get some armor/trinkets, for Honor, rather quickly, for running Wintergrasp and maybe some of the other battlegrounds. The armor has resilience, it's true, but it also has some stats that are much better than what you presently have, and will "tide you over", while you run the Heroics for the pve gear/weapons.

    Don't forget to get faction tabards, to wear while running the Heroics--you'll get rep, and the same time you're getting frost/ triumph badges.

    Good luck, and have fun!

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    Belt is a tanking belt. Defense and Parry do nothing for DPS. When you have a chance you'll want to switch that out.

    Professions - to maximize your DPS you'll want to be a JC/Blacksmith for professions, if that's your goal. JC allows you to cut 3 JC only gems that give you a bonus 70% more of the stat (so instead of 3 +20 Str gems you can have 3 +34 Str gems as an example). Blacksmithing allows you to create extra sockets that only blacksmiths can use - meaning more gems.

    Enchanting allows some benefits, enchanting each ring with +40 AP, but generally is seen behind the others. Mining won't give you anything for DPS, but it does open up a steady revenue stream - as the 60 sta are nice for soloing. So mining isn't bad.

    When you hit 450 as a JC you can also create a nightmare tear to replace one of the those +sta gems (think of it as a hybrid +str/+agi gem)

    You don't need to gem hit. If you're going to hit a yellow socket, +str/+crit or expertise. But at ~300 hit, you have more than enough.

    Your cloak has +50 armor on it - if you're making a pure DPS set, you'll want the +Agility I believe.

    And of course run heroics and grab those triumphs. And good luck with the drops.

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    I have the belt buckle on and it's gemmed with AP and Expertise.

    I switched mining to JC my alt has mining up high enough I can just use it instead of lvling it again. I've been trying to gem for strength and crit and I think I have some armor penetration in there also. I ran HToC like crazy and finally got edge of ruin and some pants dropped also.
    Thanks for the advice.

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