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Thread: Ench Shammy dps

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    Ench Shammy dps

    im lookin for a rotation, from what i have read it is a priority rotation but im still not sure on what to be lookin for any help whould be awesome!

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    ShockandAwe is a good addon to help with your rotation but I would suggest on learning it yourself since there are situational occurrences that would require a change in the priority system. Being able to adapt and readjust to what's going in is something an addon can't teach you. I still have it installed but use it as a guide or reminder to help tell me when my Lightning Shield is low on charges or I need to drop my Magma Totem again.

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    (Yes, spelled username wrong, don't ask!)

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    Before I would help you, I want you to spell the spec name right. Enchantments is something an enchanter does. Enhancement as a powerhouse of dps and buffs if played right. Quite a difference. :P
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