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Thread: Disc Priest vs Holy Priest for Lich King

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    Disc Priest vs Holy Priest for Lich King

    I have visited many sites to find out what are the advantages of being disc or holy for the Lich King encounter on both 10 and 25 man, as of today i have yet find the information that i am needing. I am dual spec, holy being my main spec that i have been right back to vanilla and decided to go with disc when dual speccing was offered when wrath came out. I have used both specs for the LK encounter on 10 man, the information i am looking for is how viable is disc as opposed to holy.

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    As always it depends on the raids setup, going on the assumption that you are the second raid healer most people say Disc is great for LK and it is but in situations where you don't get time to shield everyone and the other raid healer is picked up by a Valkyrie it can be a pain in the butt to heal everyone past 90% before infest starts ticking for more then you can heal, where as Holy wouldn't have problems raid healing everyone up right after infest is cast.

    So the 10 man ups and downs for both classes in my opinion are:

    Disc up: pre shielding for infest means less raid healing, Downs: more then 5 unshielded targets can push raid healing to its limits on infest through lack of strong aoe healing should something happen to the other healer.

    Holy up: CoH alone can can remove infest on 6 targets with glyph the rest can easily be healed by PoH or flash, Downs: much more healing to be done since infest will always start ticking so more of a mana drain.

    But I am only new to the encounter and the forums plus my holy healing is rusty so I may be wrong on some points.
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    Tricky. They're fairly balanced.

    Disc definitely has the upper hand on Infest handling, and on providing more soaking for P3 Vile Spirits with Pain Suppression.

    Holy wins on overall heal capability, Body&Soul can be a fightbreaker for Defile, and Guardian Spirit is bordering on cheating as always. :P

    Kinda your pick. Our only kill so far was with 2 Resto Shamans + 1 Holy Priest, many tries were with a Disc Priest however. DPriest makes the whole fight feel more controlled, HPriest makes the uncontrolled parts feel more recoverable.
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