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Thread: Tanking add-on for incoming damage on you ?

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    Tanking add-on for incoming damage on you ?

    Their is any good add-on to keep track of the damage you got ? Like to analyse the fight once tis done. To see what I dodged, parryed or dmg absorbed. Wich skill hit me during the fight etc. Well anyting to collect information that I could use to find wich stats I should work on for the next raid and to see wich cooldown i should use when.

    Recont doesn't show much. it just tell you wich kind of damage was dealth to you but their is no way to see if you dodged/parryed or resisted anything.

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    Tanktotals is great for this (too), yet it only shows the dmg taken during a fight and what percentage of schools have been taken (physical, bleed, arcane etc.). I really doubt you need anything more than knowing these percentages although more info could be cool to check. Just to confirm how great armor is

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    you can also upload your combatlog to a parsing site (http://wowwebstats.com/ or http://www.wowmeteronline.com/ are a few examples). The resulting parse will show you how many times you were hit by each ability, how many times you avoided or mitigated the ability, the average / max damage taken, etc.
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    Yeah, I would say combatlog fights, and upload to World of Logs for evaluation.
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    Out of game analysis is best, but if you're looking for in game alternatives.

    In game damage meters such as Recount also track damage taken, deaths, dispells, absorbs, friendly fire, healing, over healing, energy gains and so on in addition to just damage. You can also review the last few pulls or overall data. You can also click on any of the items tracked for more detailed information such as clicking on damage taken will list off damage taken by source.

    Out of game combat log parses like world of logs is better for analysis, but if you need a quicker in game reference a damage meter Recount will track that type of information.
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