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Thread: Prot warrior spec scrub level advice needed

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    Prot warrior spec scrub level advice needed

    This might be answered already, or otherwise in the wrong spot- but i know ill get pointed in the right direction so here goes........

    Just got back to my warrior and figured i'd try the prot spec and roll a tank- here's the catches:
    1. he's only a 29- got him there and parked him
    2. no prot or any spec warrior tanking or leveling exeperience
    3. no low level tanking experience- what little i have is on my 80 frost DK
    here's my armory link so you can look and laugh http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...gn=Hunters+Inc

    what ive been experiencing so far in darkshire with the 28-30lvl worgen 1kdps on what seem like pretty long fights. i have to guess on how to use my skills in defensive or battle stances and id like to hear some low level rotations if anyone can remember them lol!

    eventually- after i figure out the above, ill need a little help with the UI- i have bartender running with spartan right now so im still trying to fine tune it and any help is appreciated!

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    I just powerleveled the war I abandoned back in BC form 40 to 80. A few thoughts:

    1. If you're going to level Prot, use LFG 100% except when doing quest chains that lead to dungeon quests. Don't solo quest it. Let your dps kill stuff fast for you, and instant queues as a tank, even at low levels (catch the BoA alt wave b/f it subsides).

    2. For rotations, it's just a lot of tab-spam-autoattack-sunder b/t targets, watching your threat meter, pausing to Shield Slam/HS/Revenge/whatever ones where the dps have high threat.

    3. See you've got the BoA shoulders and weapons, also pick up the BoA chest if you don't already have it, and the two BoA haste trinkets. Then just wear the highest ilvl blue or purple gear you can find, regardless whether it has tank or dps stats.

    4. With the full BoA set + blues from instances, you'll be indestructable and can focus your talent build more on threat than survivability.

    5. When you hit 50, respec to get Warbringer, one of the most fun talents in the game. Then Devastate at 51. Or vice versa, but when I hit 50 I knew I could go one more level using Sunder Armor, whereas I had been looking forward to Warbringer ever since I decided to unretire my War and level him.

    I found Wars clunky and boring till they hit 50, then they become the most fun I've ever had in WoW. So try to stick it out till 50 if you can, you can't really experience what the the class is capable of till then.

    As for UI, check mine in my sig for ideas. I made it specifically for tanking. Other good threads on that topic here in the UI & Macros forum too.
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    For killing stuff, Revenge is your #1 priority. The moment the button lights up, mash it into oblivion.

    For that matter, pick up 2/2 Imp Revenge next in your talent spec. I'd also probably glyph Revenge, having a free Heroic Strike after that (while not very useful at 80) is fantastic for leveling.

    Until you get Shield Slam (at 30 or 40, I forget exactly), Revenge is your number one threat generator. Have I mentioned that Revenge is awesome? Because it is. It's full of win.

    I'd also pick up Improved Thunder Clap (after speccing into Revenge), as until you get Shockwave it's pretty much your only source of AoE threat. Having that be both cheaper and more effective is awesome.

    Other than that, just keep on keepin on. Everyone is terrible at level 28, just keep tanking and reading about tanking, and you'll get the hang of it :-P

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