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Thread: Healers out of sync of P3 of Sydrigosa

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    Healers out of sync of P3 of Sydrigosa

    So P1 and 2 are cake. But phase three is presenting a real catch 22 for our healing core. How do you drop debuff stacks while the raid is dying? It seems to us that you either drop stacks of Unchained Magic and Mystic Buffet (behind an ice block no less) and keep yourself alive or you stay with heals and in the open save the raid, but sacrifice yourself.

    What's the move here?

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    Use vent to coordinate when a healer MUST clear stacks of any sort so that you don't have 3-4 doing it at once? Keeping them staggered as much as possible definitely seems like a good idea to me.

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    For our 10 man the Paladin and Priest coordinate the tank healing and I just stick to the raid. If we're unlucky and both get back to back iceblocks then I pick up the tank healing until they get broken out. It's a strategy you have to come up with based on your healing team and they should plan ahead of time what the rotation would be for who's staying out to heal.

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    I have seen the healers pretty much turn into sheep at this phase. It is crucial that they just coordinate who is disappearing and call it out on vent for healer pickup. That communication is the difference between a kill and a wipe on this fight.
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    Have your healers communicate on vent when they need to remove the debuff and stacks, I usually run with a Shammy, Druid and Priest for that fight, its also a good idea to setup a tank cooldown rotation incase something goes wrong.

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