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Thread: The Weekly Marmot -- Healer UIs

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    I'm a ret/holy pally and I honestly just watched this video b/c she is so cute.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schalde View Post
    As allways a great video Aliena

    1: How much memory do u use for your addons, before im trying it out. having a light weight among of addons is pretty importent too me.

    2: What server are you playing on? dosent seems too be able too find you on armory only 2 aliena and none of them matches. Do you play on american servers maybe?. want too check out, gear, specc, achivement and stuff. just for curiousity.

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    Aliena.. You have a great personality in all the videos. xD

    I have a little problem..(if its off-topic srry)

    I have downloaded your UI yesterday. I have got on it then i had the following problems:

    1. When i clicked someone, on the pitbull 2nd form , there wasnt a name and , in the same time, i was having huge lags when i was clicking someone.
    2. I cant make the kgpanels work.. I have done many changes, and all prooved to fail..

    I love how you learn us all to play world of warcraft, atleast a bit of how you do.

    All the best from Romania,

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    Hi i wanted to ask you what is the name of the addon that tells you when holy word chatise, chackra,POM and circle of healing is ready?

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