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Thread: Question about agility gems

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    Question about agility gems

    So I understand why agility is fantastic for bears (duh), and why Paladins like to gem it somewhat (because we get more dodge from it than warriors and DK's).

    But is it superior to dodge rating for Warriors and DK's, because they get quite a bit from crit (assuming said Warrior is specced into Impale/Deep Wounds, and said DK is specced into their corresponding +crit damage talents)? And of course because of the small amount of armor.

    I ask this because I hardly see any Warriors or DK's with agility gems, it's always dodge rating. Are they behind the times, or am I wrong? (I've actually been called a fail Warrior for having an agi/stam gem in my boots - my Warrior is in fact full of fail, but that's because of my poor gear not because of my gemming... I think)

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    agi just isn't that strong in general for warriors, the minor armor increases are negligible in terms of a few red gems, the avoidance will be paltry compared to dodge, and the crit is non-existant as well. Assuming you regem what, 6 red gems to use agi/stam that gives you 60 * 2 = 120 more armor, < 1% more crit, and ~1% more dodge? the true answer is to just gem for stamina, except for 1 red gem to activate the meta, at which case, 10 agi, vs 10 str, vs 10 dodge, vs 10 expertise is largely a minor argument.

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