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Thread: Bear having single target aggro issues

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    Bear having single target aggro issues

    Hey everybody,
    The offtank in my guild is getting some complaints from our top dps because they are constantly in danger of pulling threat from him. I've told them to give him a chance to get aggro and they say that they've been giving him 5-7 seconds before (slowly) starting their rotations. How is his spec? He's been tanking for a few months now but could still use some more practice, I know. (He's not logged out in his tanking gear, but I believe this is his tanking spec: http://www.wowarmory.com/character-t...Shadan&group=2)
    He's using triumph emblem and h-icc dungeon gear and has the orca hunter polearm. He only raids with the guild and does not pug. The problems were happening in toc10, specifically on the worms. I want the guild to move into icc 1st wing next week but am somewhat worried about these threat issues.
    Thanks in advance. I'd really appreciate any criticisms to his spec and posting of a recommended raid spec. His survivability does not seem to be an issue atm.

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    why he has a point in shredding attacks instead of maxing out MSS is not good, GET GLYPH OF UNBURDENED REBIRTH in your tank spec trust me on this one,

    O wow, he doesnt have naturalist. that would be why he cant hold threat.

    Drop the 3 points in king of the jungle and only put 3/5 in furor giving you the 5 you need to get naturalist. Then move the 1 from shredding attacks into MSS to max that out as well. Use glyph of mangle instead of maul.

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    Darksend kind of said it all. Naturalist is kind of a big deal.

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