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Thread: What can I tank and should i change my spec?

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    What can I tank and should i change my spec?

    Hi. What can I tank and should i change my talent spec?? I have Orca-Hunter's Harpoon and Nighttime x2, so I can swap to either of them. In frost presence I have 33.7k hp and ~27k armor. What should be my first item to get from frosts?


    BTW. Ah I think I'm getting my t9 legs soon.

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    Honestly I prefer blood as a tanking tree to Frost DW at lower gear levels just because of the hit requirements for DW. I also like how blood tank cds work together (i.e. vamp blood+rune tap=huge self heal). Here is the spec I use http://eu.wowarmory.com/talent-calc.xml?c=Death+Knight

    However if you are determined to DW you do NOT use 2 tanking swords. These weapons are fast and you have major threat issues. The same weapons you use for DW dps or a slow main hand with a tank sword offhand are advisable.

    For your first item first 2 for that matter should be your tier 10 2 piece, I got gloves and shoulders personally just because they were the cheapest. The stam trinket is also nice if you don't think you will be able to accumulate 2 tier pieces quickly and prefer to keep your t9 bonus

    You should be fine tanking TotC 10 with solid group, maybe even a few bosses in ICC as long as you fix your weapon issues.

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    OK, so I see you've respecced to Blood 2h since the previous comment. I'd recommend Morbidity as Blood though, because DnD is your best AoE threat generator and is crucial to tanking heroics as Blood. I'd definitely get rid of DRW (which does nothing for you as a tank, IIRC it has its own aggro table), and then take two more points from a filler talent like Subversion. (you could get rid of Hysteria and/or Mark of Blood if you so desire, neither is required but both are nice)

    For the same reason, you should probably glyph Death and Decay instead of Death Strike if you plan on doing any AoE tanking at all. Blood isn't exactly hurting for single-target threat from what I've seen.

    For gear - if you have time, farm H PoS for that axe. Not only does it have much more stam, but it has Strength for threat and because you're an orc you get 5 expertise from it (you're hurting for expertise). I'd shift around a few gems (hybrid gems instead of yellows or reds), and definitely get Glyph of Indomitability instead of Ick's when you get the badges, but for the most part gear looks good.

    And get a second profession!

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