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Thread: Warrior Tanking Tree ~ Rend?

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    Thing is, I see myself always as someone who needs to have survivability. When on mobs, I CAN have rage problems if I don't do the right thing. Bloodthirst, Thunder Clap, Shockwave, then cleave + revenge = instant threat and more rage. On boss fights I don't even worry about rage, as a matter of fact I can't get enough rage. As far as I can see, the only time you'll have rage problems is when you don't have threat, and in that case the 3- rage requirement won't make that big of a difference any who. But yes, thank you for the arms advice and to each their own. :P

    On a second note, what do you guys think: Glyph of Block or Glyph of Devastate. Is the block from the glyph that great compared to the rage saver + rotation simplification of the glyph of devastate?

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    after 3.3.3 devastate doesn't simplify the rotation since revenge got buffed again. Devastate is more threat by a long shot hands down, but glyph of blocking is nice and is more survivability (20% more SBV with shield block up is very nice imo) and a little but of extra threat. So it kinda depends on what you need/want.
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    If you want to help out mdps I usually use spare GCD's after I've established threat to spam devastate w/ glyph of sunder armor (sunders 2 targets w/ devastate also) as I'm sure stacking armor debufs will add more damage to the party than the bleed.

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    I tried out Glyph of Sunder Armor on my scrubwar, and found it to be a whole lot of 'meh' for tanking heroics. Cleaving is bombing for AoE threat, Devastate is fantastic for single-target threat (and since you will be spreading the love tab-targeting with it, it's ok for sustained AoE threat as well), and then for the third slot I use Vigilance. I've been debating replacing one with Blocking, but I like my current glyph setup for now (gonna switch Vigi to Shield Wall once I get into actual raiding, if I ever get around to it lol).

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