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Thread: Tanking Talents/Glyphs & Enchants/Gems Problem

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    Tanking Talents/Glyphs & Enchants/Gems Problem

    Hello. Can u check mine Talents/Glyphs & Enchants/Gems?

    Some warrior told me, that "expertise gems are completly useless and he suggested to reaplce them with dodge+ stam; put 30 stam + resil kit instead of 20 dodge + 15 def ki; Ench shield with 18 stamina and back with 225 armor. He also told me, that if i going to use this spec replace Glyph of Shield block with Glyph of Taunt."

    What to do?

    If I'll change gems like he said, i will get +57 stamina + 60 Def - 140 Exp. After change enchants I'll get +48 stamina + 225 armor -31 Def -20 dodge -Titanium Plating
    So... +105 stamina +29 def +225 armor - 140 exp -20 dodge - Titanium Plating.
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    Here are the changes you should make, 15 stam 10 agility to helm, 30 stat 15 resil enchant to your shoulders and a 30 stam gem, 225 armor and 30 stamina to your cloak, 30 stamina gem to your braces, 18 stam/20 defense to your shield, 18 stamina enchant and a 30 stamina gem in your gloves, all stamina in your belt, change the yellow gem in your boot to 15 stam 10 defense, put all stamina in your rings.

    The general rule with gemming is to gem all stamina unless the socket bonus is 9 stam or higher then put in a 15 stam/10 agility,dodge or defense. I would take 2 points out of Cruelty and put them into Improved Disciples and then take 2 points out of Shield spec and put it in Improved Spell Reflect. Switch Glyph of Devastate with Glyph of Taunt only on fights where you need to land a taunt instantly (Putricide, Festergut, Sindragosa, if you don't have a pallly tank LK).

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