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Thread: Cover up text in video

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    Cover up text in video

    I've searched the forum here, but don't see anything on this. Maybe I'm using the wrong terminology. What I want to do is black out my chatbox in my FRAPs'd video. I have conversations I don't want to distract from the video content. What cheap/free editor allows someone to black out the chatbox?

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    If you watch any of my videos you can see on the bottom where my two chat logs are, which a surprising amount of people confuse for skinner even though it does not extend the entire length of the screen. While I use vegas I am pretty sure you can do the same thing in windows movie maker.

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    I would assume you can do the same thing with Windows Movie Maker. WMM is part of Microsoft's "Live Essentials" package, just google it.

    I personally use Final Cut Pro, but iMovie has the ability to black out specific parts, so you would think that WMM would be able to as well. But in the past iMovie has been more feature rich than WMM, so who knows.

    Btw, iMovie (free) and Final Cut Pro ($1000) are Mac-only programs, so don't try to find a Windows version. Sony Vegas costs $600 last time I checked, but I've heard they now have a "lite" version specific for people who upload videos to Youtube, Facebook, etc. I'm just not sure what the capabilities of that software is.

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    Sony vegas super duper profession package costed 49.99 pounds sterling at amazon at Christmas (I think this is about 70 us dollars). Adobe premiere is the $600 package

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