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Thread: New monitor BIG problems?

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    New monitor BIG problems?

    Ok folks, I'm going to start off with saying that my PC sucks. I run wow at the lowest settings but I don't lag and my frames run around 20 in raids which is enough to hold aggro without massive screen tearing.

    A couple of weeks ago my 20" monitor crapped out on me and I bought a new 23". Everything was running fine except my first ICC 25 with the new monitor. My frames were horrible! Lagging tearing all over the place, it was a real nightmare and it is still happening from time to time even in graphic heavy roics like Nexus.

    Could this be the new monitor? I didn't think about the effects of a new resolution and large screen on my graphics card.
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    Is your resolution of your monitor set correctly in-game. Its most likely default to a smaller size. Make sure whatever resolution you are using is set the same in game.

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    Going up in monitor size does definitely add extra strain to your graphics card, I would make sure the video settings are correct both ingame and in your graphic card driver (try with vsynch on/off, play around with resolutions (make sure you are running a widescreen resolution if needed or else your characters will look fat and distorted). If you had to play WoW at lowest settings on the 20" monitor, maybe 23" is just too much for the PC to handle? I know that my FPS dropped considerably when I upgraded from a 16" 4:3 ratio to a 22" widescreen.

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