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Thread: Gear Advice

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    Gear Advice

    Current threat stats: 250 Hit / 18 Expertise (currently having absolutely no trouble holding threat even against 5-6k+ dps)

    Wondering if I should pick these up: Shoulderplates of Enduring Order (http://www.wowhead.com/?item=47698)

    Currently using: Wrynn's Pauldrons of Conquest (http://www.wowhead.com/?item=48448)

    This would drop me down from 18 Expertise (which is already quite low) to 14 (though I doubt I'd have trouble holding aggro, even with that small amount of Expertise).

    However, what I'm also concerned about is the fact I would loose 15 Dodge. I'm just wondering if the Str/Stam/Armor/Parry I would gain at the loss of Expertise/Dodge would be worth it.

    My Armory: http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...rown&cn=Xionar


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    Frankly it is a bit of a tough call, were i you i would go ahead and buy the shoulders.

    From there you can queue for a quick random and see if your threat is okay (I'm only really worried about the expertise, you got plenty of dodge) and frankly i think your expertise will be fine as well, a lot of tanks run well under the cap.

    Hope thats helpful!
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