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Thread: dk blood tank help gear advice

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    dk blood tank help gear advice

    at this point in my game im not sure what items i need to upgrade my tank with im currently a blood dk tank ^2 hander^ im here to ask my fellow tanks on some advice on gear i currently have 77 frost emblems on me atm with 41/42k unbuffed health my luck with icc drops or not so good atm

    link to armory -->http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...ar&cn=Ryuzakii

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    Your luck doesn't look that bad, you have a nice chest and axe already and you only killed the related bosses twice

    And I guess either shoulders or gloves would be a good candidate for your next upgrade.

    Also, try and set aside 35 emblems of triumph, you can upgrade (or sidegrade ?) your Mark of the Relentless for a Clutch of Fortification

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