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Thread: Advice Needed

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    Advice Needed


    Just started playing this character again and would like your input if I am headed in the right direction. My head is spinning with all the options that are out there for tanking now. Are the tier set bonuses worth it? I've read to do +30 gems everywhere unless there's a +stamina bonus and get matching gems. Does this still hold true? My gear is mainly from naxx and I am slowly starting to upgrade. I know I still need to gem and enchant some of my gear but don't plan too until I upgrade that item to at least a 232 piece. I just got the axe from HoR and that still needs to be enchanted. What piece of gear should I purchase/farm for next? Any input would be appreciated.

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    Tier bonuses are usually not worth it for warriors. Currently most people are collecting the badge gear for the additional armor and stam over T10. T10 will be better at the 25 heoric level (277). Gem for stam unless there is a 12 stam bonus for 1 socket, then use a hybrid stam gem. Enchant for stam/armor whereever you can. Do not gem for parry because of quick diminishing returns. As for upgrades, I would spend your frost badges on the badge cloak and then the belt. Read up on Aggs warrior guide. http://www.tankspot.com/forums/f97/6...ing-guide.html

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    Thanks, I have been using Aggs guide but still had some questions. I just bought the offset shoulders and am saving for the offset helm (both triumph badges). Even in T10 I should be getting the offset pieces? And if there are 2 sockets with a +9 or +12 stam bonus, i should just gem both for stam instead of getting the bonus?

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    Well to be honest most people get the Tier 10 off set (264) b/c of the really nice extra armor it adds and it is better than T 10.(251). For the tier pieces to even hold a light to the off tier pieces you will need a mark of sanctification to upgrade your tier pieces. Even then they aren't that much better then off set tier pieces. Most warrior tanks went ahead and got the off set pieces and are slowly picking up marks of santification and exchanging gear. This is disregarding Heroic 25 man.

    About sockets, well it really depends on the socket and if you are lacking in any specific stat. IF its a red and blue socket go for the set bonus. If you need exp. put an +15 stam +10 Exp gem in the red and a +30 stam in the blue. However, generally if you have to fulfill a yellow usually a +30 stam is just stuck in it. This is because the only real choice for a yellow socket is +15 stam +10 def and if you don't need the defense, it is more EH to have the extra stam. (Don't gem for HIT, its generally considered a waste of EH). Finally, if you have 3 sockets, as such is in MOST chestpieces, put all stam, even if it is a +12 stam bonus. Its more EH that way
    The only problem with the scenario you had in you last post is that most 2 sockets don't have a +12 stam bonus. If it does, then go ahead in gem for it if it has one blue socket. ( a net loss of 3 stam won't hurt for some expertise or def) If it is only red and yellow, put stam. and ignore the socket bonus.

    I hope my incoherent rambling makes a little sense, its early...

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    Thanks, you have clarified some issues. Would it be better to 10 dodge/15 stam over 10 def/15 stam? My new armory link is below


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