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Thread: DPS fury warrior-tell me what you think

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    DPS fury warrior-tell me what you think

    Hi. After some advice from here and rawr, made some changes and this is where I am now:

    Please tell me what you think(gear wise, gemming, talents, etc.). I have acces to ICC10 and ICC 25 also.My dps is around 5k on ICC 10 bosses.
    Thank you.

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    You're actually under hit and expertise caps (hit is 5%, expertise is 26).

    Even though hit is 5% a lot of fury warriors like to go past that to get more offhand hits in for better rage flow and to allow them to keep a rotation up while heroic striking with the main hand. Your comfort level will vary.

    Your spec looks fine, keep in mind that Glyph of Cleaving is for aoe fights and Glyph of Heroic Strike is better for single targets.

    Aside from random gear drops I'm not sure what else to tell you.

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    You're actually under hit and expertise caps (hit is 5%, expertise is 26).
    This. The quickest way to fix being under hit cap is to replace the +10 str/ctr gems in your weapons to +10 str/hit. That will get you to just over the 5% hit cap mark and still keep the socket bonuses there.

    To cover the expertise gap to 26 getting the expertise enchant on your gloves and swapping out one red gem is a quick fix. Or you could just replace some red Str/ArPen gems with expertise gems.

    Also, if you do not have an Armor Penetration proc trinket you're more likely to see better gains from gemming Str than ArPen. If you have access to one of those trinkets though, gemming to the soft cap is good.

    RAWR is a good tool to use if you do not have access to Landsoul's spreadsheet, but if you are able to use the spreadsheet I'd recommend that over RAWR.

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    You guys are forgetting that he is alliance. As long as you have a draenei in your group you have enough hit to be hit capped at 4%.

    You need expertise. 6.5% is where you need to be (half way between 26 and 27). The bracers from northrend beasts 25 man would work and they are more then obtainable with your gear level.

    Try and get your T9 helm for the 4 set.

    Why did you get the 90 agi greatness card?.. Replace that with Needle encrusted scorpion.

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    Glyph of BT isn't doing anything to help your dps. Some of the Fury warriors in my guild run with the HS glyph which was also suggested in an above post.

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    Definitely drop Glyph of Bloodthirst for Heroic Strike as Bling suggested.

    You can probably get a nice upgrade for you neck from PvP gear (Relentless of Wrathful) until you find a better PvE upgrade.

    Try and pick up a Needle Encrusted Scorpion. That and a couple of armor pen gems (I would suggest in your axes) will put you at the Soft Cap for ArP.
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    Don't compromise with shitty gems. Item bonuses are inferior to the stat buff you get when using two 20+ Strength gems instead of one 20+ Strength gem and one +10 Strength and 10+ Critical Strike Rating gem. You don't even need to gem for Critical Strike Rating as long as your crit chance is over 35%.

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