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Thread: My head hurts!

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    My head hurts!

    I'm pretty happy with my spec and enchant choices but always looking to to improve when I can. The TS community consistantly gives food for thought and I like it. Where my head is about to explode is gemming. I'm just a smidge of def min which never bothers me, and I tend to go for any socket bonuses that are +9 stam or better using agi/stam in blue sockets and hit/stam in yellow, but at what point do I just say screw it and gem all stam? My guild is currently running ICC 10 man's through plague wing and I know the magic fights are coming fast. Here's my armory link all comments are appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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    Your gear is fine. Personally, I would change some of the gems around so that I only take the bonus if its at least 9stamina PER hybrid gem used. So full stam in chest, legs, ring, bracers, gloves. That's generally better for survival gearing, but honestly I don't think it would make a huge diff for you. If you have trouble staying alive, give it a try.

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    What he said ^. Change all gems to stam except for your helm, and you're good to go.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragaan View Post
    ...I only take the bonus if its at least 9stamina PER hybrid gem used.
    If you are wondering about the logic of this, salscorpi, it's because the loss of stam to gain the socket bonus is considered too high if the bonus isn't +9 stam per hybrid gem needed.

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    Can pretty easily drop those +Def gems and your shield enchant as you are at 553 Def even with Pillars of Might and Boots of Kingly Upheaval.
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