I've had a tank alt for a while now and because of recent personnel changes in my guild, along with a lot of work to improve my skills and gear, I'm now finding myself in a tank slot instead of the usual healing slot I take in our weekly ICC 10 run.

The other tanks in my guild are very well geared, and solid players. What I want to do is make the best decisions to keep from pulling progression back a step (we got to Sindragosa last week), keep my healers happy, and generally improve myself.

Armory: http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...rub&cn=Kalymar

I've got around 48-50k health raid buffed and threat isn't much of an issue for me, especially with the latest Icy Touch buff. Like I said, I've been working pretty hard to get this tank up to speed and I'm sort of at the end of where heroic badges can take me.

Any suggestions on spec changes, gear update priorities, or the like would be greatly appreciated.