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Thread: Proper Rotation For HS Tanking

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    Proper Rotation For HS Tanking

    For tanking I use Revenge+HS and Devastate+HS macros. With the Glyph of Revenge, this changes the rage generation quite a bit and I was wondering, should I continue to use the standard rotation or another one?

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    Macro'ing HS to other abilities can lead to long streaks of no rage. It's usually a better idea to just use the ability separately.
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    Bind HS to your mouse wheel or another key that is easily spammable.

    As Dreador said, too easy to rage starve yourself. On Rotface last night (for example), I had to drop HS from rotation for long periods of time because the rage intake was far too low. If I had to switch keys to do that, well it just seems like a waste.
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    Or you can use a toolbar mod like Dominos and set up two identical bars - one with HS macros and one without. Then, when you want them, you shift-mousewheel to swap the new bar in. Its quick and saves you from some of the spamspamspam monotony of HS.

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