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Thread: Tanking Help for Pally about Gearing

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    Tanking Help for Pally about Gearing

    Hi all who read this and thanks in advance for helping out if you reply.

    I had a question about expertise...this is on the pally forum on wow:
    About Expertise;

    First link: http://maintankadin.

    Second link: http://maintankadin.

    Expertise is about 73% as effective as dodge rating for reducing incoming damage (first link).

    Expertise is about 69% as effective as dodge rating for reducing the number of incoming attacks that connect (also first link).

    Expertise is actually 2x-4x better than dodge at reducing spike damage intake from boss melee attacks, with the added benefit that it preferentially reduces the largest spikes, thus smoothing out our spike damage by reducing the maximum spike size (second link).

    Each point of expertise rating also gives us about 1/3 of a point of STR. (http://maintankadin


    What I was wondering was if I should spec/gem/chant/gear w/e to hit expertise cap (26) in order for the boss not to miss my attacks so i dont loose threat....is it worth it to sacrifice the stam or other stats.

    I wasnt sure where to spend my next frost badges...I know there are three main areas i need to improve:chest/gloves/trinket(s)
    I was thinking of getting the chest t10 piece but i wasnt sure if i should wait til i get the gloves or pants from voa so i dont loose the t9 set bonus or if i should just get it right away. I currently have 132 badges or sumthing so i was going to get the trinket and the chest piece first...but yeah not sure if i should wait til i can afford two t10 or get lucky in voa til i buy the chest piece...
    heres my armory:


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    I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think expertise is as necessary for Paladins as it is for Warriors. Paladins get some of their threat via spells such as Judgements, Consecrate, Holy Shield and Avenger's Shield. I'm not sure about Judgements because I think they're on the melee hit table and are considered a melee attack that deals spell damage, but I don't think spells can be dodged or parried. If you can reach 26 through gear then great, but I don't think it will impact threat that much. We run with 2 Paladin MT's, one has 27 expertise, the other has 4 and uses glyph of SoV. I don't notice a single bit of difference in their threat.

    I'm not sure I understand the part about expertise reducing incoming damage. Perhaps that's in reference to parry hasting which isn't really an issue anymore for most bosses.

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    Yeah, expertise is a lower priority for a paladin. You've got 14 from gear and talents, plus 10 with the SoV glyph; that'll be enough to keep you out of trouble.

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