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Thread: Am I ready?

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    Am I ready?

    Hey all,

    My guild has recently decided to push towards finishing Professor in the plague wing and moving on to some of the other later bosses. The problem is that our Main Tank is going to be away for the next 2 weeks and we don't have a valid person to replace him. I've been working on my Prot set as of late and am wondering if I'm up to par to be able to fill an Off Tank for the rest of ICC.

    My armory is linked below

    Note that I am Pret spec'd for pvps atm and that I do have the frost badges for the Skeleton Key trinket. With that I'm just shy of 40k hp unbuffed(39400something, too low?) I'm hoping to get some drops from TotC 25man this week for the ring/belt.

    Thanks for the help!

    Rarely, Korgath.

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    First off, we would have to know if you mean 10 or 25.

    - For 25 man you are definetly not.
    - For 10 man you would need good healers, and consider stamina trinket for that fight also.
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    Sorry, forgot to mention this would be 10 man.

    I of course would be using the stam trinket so my hp would be around the 40k mark. I don't currently have it due to waiting to see what type of drops I get from ToTC 25man this week.

    And if you are going by my defense stats on the armory, please remember that I am pvp spec with no points in dodge or parry talents.

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    You're more then fine for ICC 10 and should not really have issues with 25 - you're a pally. I linked my armory, I've tanked icc 25 first wing; the pants and the belt are new as of last night, before that it was a ToC 10 belt and the 245 tier pants and the HoR reg shield; and before the 10% buff. As it stands now I'm at about 36/37k unbuffed and I don't have a problem; with buffs i.e. kings, sanc, fort, icc buff, stoneblood, etc I get to about 51k.

    And, yes, I use the Corpse Tongue Coin - I likeit... okay, it's my toon, and I'll dress it how I like...so there all you EH junkies.


    If you're open to some advice, your spec could use some tweaking. Mine's pretty Vanilla - I use Tuskar's Vitality so I don't take PoJ.
    By all means move another point into Ardent Defender, it's by far THE BEST TANK TALENT IN THE GAME max it; Also you're a tank, must have Anticipation - basic tank talent. Guardian's Favor is - meh; improved HoJ is meh too. Stoicism is useless in raids basically. You probably want Vindication and can do without Reckoning, doesn't really add much to threat. I'm partial to Improved Might, but if you have Warriors, it's kind of a waste, but I like having it. Also you only need one point in Improved Judgments.

    OOPs just realized you were pvp spec; need to read closer.


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