Risen on the Cairne server is recruiting for a new 25 ICC team to run at 10:30CST. Looking for exceptional raiders that are ready to progress quickly through content.

This is a new raid team and looking to fill multiple spots that are currently being pugged. If you are looking for an immediate spot on a raid team please let us know.

Risen is an extremely friendly guild that loves to raid and have fun. We want all of our raiders to have a great time during the raid while being professionals when it is time to focus. You are expected to know your class and spec, exceptional players will have a permanent spot on the raid team.

To find out more about Cairne's oldest raiding guild and sign up to become a part of the 25man, go to http://risencairne.guildportal.com and send us an app through our Application Forum.
Look forward to seeing you there!