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Thread: Curious about this hybrid build...

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    Curious about this hybrid build...

    Just started screwing with a talent builder tonight and came up with this little gem...


    Couple of self-healing Cooldowns off of blood, Imp. Blood Tap, Mark of Blood, with additional stamina from Vot3W as well as some fully buffed Death Rune Mastery.

    In the Frosty side of the house, I'm tagging in some DR with Frigid Dreadplate, Imp. Frost Presence, and Unbreakable Armor, followed by buffing my threat with several abilities and making my interrupt life easier with Endless Winter and Chill of the Grave. 2/3 Blood of the North gives me a nice chance at a full set of death runes to bang out the Death Strikes for some nice healing return.

    At least, that's the idea. I'm not sure what to make of it, so I figured I'd throw the mess at you guys and see what you thought of it.
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