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Thread: Sporadic & low dps, need help...

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    Enhancement Shaman dps...Needs help


    I am an enhancement Shaman, currently raiding ICC10, with a 4/12 achieve. My gearscore is 5346 for those who need to know, and I feel that my damage is not what it should be.

    Here is my wowarmory: http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...cn=Djbloodlust

    I think that I have on good gear, but I believe that I may not be gemmed right. I drop SoE/Mag/WF/Cleanse totems as standard, and my rotation is SR/SS/ES/LL. I cast LB/CL, depending on single target or trash, when Maelstrom is up, and Fire Nova when I can. I do not know why my DPS is under 4k on the Heroic training Dummy in Thunder BLuff(6k in ICC), and less than optimal in raids, though I do good on trash (but that's pointless really, isn't it).

    I want to be better. To learn how to be an asset to my guild, and to raise my dps substatially.
    Please help, and please do not flame...

    Thanks in advance guys

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    Drop the intellect trinket, first of all. Getting your expertise up to 26 will help a bit.

    Its a good idea to rotate between flame shock and earth shock. cast flame shock to put the dot up, then cast earth shock on cooldown til the dot wears off, then cast flame shock again. Its a minor dps increase but hey, every bit counts right?

    Your gems seem alright, your talents seem fine. Only thing I can suggest is make sure you're using your spirit wolves, fire elementals and trinket cooldowns when appropriate. Those make a big difference.

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    Ill start by saying i dont know much about shamans, but from my pov, I think you have too much hit gear and armor pen gear.As fas i know enhance shamans value haste more than ApR. So may wanna look at replacing all that ApR gear with haste gear (for eg you want black icicle instead of nightime). . Can drop some hit for more haste/crit too imo (trinket i mean,as you may aswell get the hit gear, i think the herkumi is really good fo shamans). Just go for tier gear, and the mail items you see that has haste.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Krays View Post
    Ill start by saying i dont know much about shamans, but from my pov, I think you have too much hit gear and armor pen gear.
    ArP is not optimal for Enhancement but it's not terrible and if the piece is a higher item level then it might still be a dps upgrade. Enhancement requires more hit than most melee classes because of it's higher use of spells, so reaching the spell hit cap is optimal.

    To the OP: The first thing I would suggest about specs/glyph is replacing your Flametongue glyph with Windfury or Flameshock. Also most shamans including myself spec 2 points into Ancesteral Knowledge and at least 1 in Improved Shields at the very least. The maximum dps spec would have 3/3 Imp Shields and no points in Imp Stormstrike but when I tried that I found I went OoM on trash a lot easier so I switched back. However in a 25 man raid mana doesn't seem to be an issue between Blessing of Wisdom, replenishment and Judgement of Wisdom on the boss. If you can find upgrades with more expertise and less hit it would probably be a dps increase to be able to drop your expertise trinket for the 245 badge trinket. I'm not sure about the PvP trinket though without looking at Rawr.

    Enhance is a priority system rather than a rotation but what you listed sounds correct. I started off playing Enhancement with ShockandAwe which is an addon that guides you on what to cast next. Since you already have experience playing a Shaman though I would suggest using it just to see if there's any discrepancies between what your rotation is compared to what the addon says. Elitist Jerks also has a great thread on Enhancement dps and shows what the priority is.

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