Post: Question for Deathwhisper HM - Can a prot paladin bubble Touch of Insignificance?
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Trolls don't belong here.

lol @ ur last 2 posts...

Druids and Warriors tanking Sindragosa is an exploit too, right?

no..? 2 tanks that take most dmg on fight are op? makes sense...

you're saying that using HoP to clear debuffs is an exploit?

HoP =/= bubble ...retard? What thread are you reading?

i said "last little gimmicky tip" ...yes clearly I’m a hypocrite because i told someone struggling on the fight a gimmick that locks do, which btw i think is pathetic to rely on

bottom line: i would bet bubble wiping this is an oversight by blizzard and would get changed if they a) cared b) thought it was happening enough to matter

feel free to look for bugs/gimmicks to use in every fight ensidia style, its just my opinion that its a shitty way to play... but you can flame qq all u want