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Thread: is the 4 piece tier 10 bonus worth it

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    is the 4 piece tier 10 bonus worth it

    Hello all my question is, is it worth building around the tier 10 warrior tank set bonus?
    This bonus sounds very nice but im not sure exactly, how good it is.
    The reason i ask is im at a crossroads here.
    I have 3 pieces right now all 264 the gloves, shoulders and pants.
    Currently im not useing the gloves im useing the 264 non tier badge gloves.
    I am really thinking about buying either the 264 non tier chest i like its expertise
    Or buying the 251 tier helm for the 4 peice set bonus.
    I usally try to take advantage of set bonuses if there good, im just affraid to give up that much expertise.
    The reason i ask is on stormscale, warrior tanks dont seem to be worrying about getting the 4 peice set bonus
    Are they making a big mistake?

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    http://www.tankspot.com/showthread.p...nuses+worth+it Search function is your friend. The OP isn't updated for the buffed T10 chest and gloves, but it is discussed in later posts and the overall conclusion of the OP remains the same.

    Edit: The TL;DR is that you should really only get T10 helm/shoulders at 264 level, if you go for 277 pieces then go with the total 4 set skipping legs (you should have Pillars of Might, imo if you picked up anything except shoulders and helm at the 264 level and are using those over the offset gloves/chest/legs then you robbed either a dps warrior, shaman, or hunter out of 264 tier gear).
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