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Thread: Threat Advice?

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    Threat Advice?

    Unfourtuantly I logged out in my Holy Gear so my that is what my armory link is showing:

    But for the last few weeks I've been having some threat issues and can't figure it out. Spec/Glyph wise at the moment (I know his gear needs upgrades still, so not worried about that part to much, he has a 5k GS...yes I know GS really means nothing).

    Any advice or suggestions? If I can't fix this problem by Cata I plan on changing his class.

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    threat wise a good rotation is, holy shield at first then avenger shield (for casters) or use hand of reckoning for other mobs, then lay a consecration down, with hammer of righteous, then judge.

    i also recommend, go seal of command spec in your ret tree, so like 5 points in holy, 11 in ret and the rest in prot, and if ur using seal of wisdom don't since it makes no threat. Use seal of corruption/vengeance on boss's/single target mobs in raids and use seal of command in heroics, since it is a cleave.

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    Prot paladin is far and away the easiest tank to generate threat with. Changing classes will only make your problem worse if you take the same approach. Your spec is way broken and your rotation may be as well, so I would work on those first. I have personally posted quite a bit on both subjects, as have others, so try searching.

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