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Thread: wwhat else can i improve gear wise?

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    wwhat else can i improve gear wise?

    hii theere. thanks to this forum ive been abl to learn fights anfd generally tank better. heres an update :

    j/w what can i improve gearwise, i dont rly have a guild and mostly pug, but my pugs r usually pretty decnt and usuallly make it to rotface.

    thinking abt getting t10.5 helm next, hoping t10.5 pants drop in voa 25, then praying for 1h off marrowgar10 and mb cata chest after....

    any other suggestions?
    also it amazes me how fst a tank can gear up, considering i only turned 80 2 months ago and only play casually

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    I'm a bigger fan of http://www.wowhead.com/?item=44936 than 20 def to shield. That's really the only thing I would tweak. I'm envious of your prot set

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    Use 18stam to shield over 20defense or titanium plating.
    I'd drop the parry/dodge gems for agil/stam or exp/stam gems.
    Blood draining for your weapon is ideal

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    yea you kind of got it covered. Just a lot of hoping for you now that the gear you want drops! other than that your pretty solid.

    You should def. get the helm next and hope for a drop from VOA. Better yet, hope for the Facelifter off PP 10, much better, and I think it looks a lot cooler too than the one from marrowgar. Then get the cataclysmic chest. last. Also, definently try and get he wrists off of deathbringer 10, the extra armor on them is great and makes them just as good or better than the 264 version.

    Also have to agree with the above. Your expertise is kind of low and could use some love. Switch those parry/dodge gems to exp/stam gems.

    oh and +1 the blood draining.

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    why blood draining? i was actualyl considering to get mongoose when i get my new 1h

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    Blood draining is one of the few enchants for tanking that'll actually be active if you need it. That places it far beyond most of the other enchants.
    (Blade ward and mongoose both suffer from the "(chance it will be up)x(chance that I need it at a given point)x(chance that it'll work)=miniscule" problem.)

    Though I personally put accuracy on it. I've thought about taking something else, but Hit rating is the stat I needed most, and all other options are so damn underwhelming.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kahmal
    ...there is no true progression for a casual anymore, just hand outs.

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    As a general rule, I never gem/enchant for threat stats. Most likely, if your having issues with threat, it's a rotation problem or over-zealous dps problem. most, if not all, ICC bosses have parry-haste disabled in thier mechanics.

    If you need more threat, the best option is to just spec for more threat, take more threat oriented talents, maybe switch a glyph or two around. But your first job is to live lol.

    If you need to be hit capped for taunts, glyph for taunt. Fights that come to mind are Festergut, Gormok, and uh I'm having a brain fart atm, positive there's more fights that a crucial taunts missing can result in mass wipage.

    @ Martie: Great explaination, hit it right on. Agreed 100% with Blood Draining.

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