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Thread: Need help with tank gear and ICC

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    Need help with tank gear and ICC

    99% of the time I am Unholy DPS DK when I do heroics or when we run our 10man or 25man raids in our guild. There are times, however, in 10man raids where we are short on a tank and I could step in as an OT. I could really use some advice on my gear and what I should upgrade or what gems I should use instead. At this moment, I have 150 Frost emblems saved up. I could also use some expert advice on the trash mobs and the bosses for at least the first wing.

    Here is my armory link: http://www.wowarmory.com/character-t...ilmar&n=Dravok

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    about your gear, go take the enchant pvp 30sta+15resil to shoulder, enchant 225armor to back, 15sta+minor speed increase to feet. stack sta gems unless the bonus is 9 stam or greater. About your talent, you need 4 points to Run Tap. It's a great Cd. must have it.

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